March 22, 2022

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Following the Covid-19 epidemic, Lord Willie Haughey and Sir Tom Hunter have emphasized how human resources support and employment law advice is vital for businesses to survive.

Billy Muir, director of LBJ consultants, phoned into the Go Radio Business Show's virtual boardroom with Hunter & Haughey to get the entrepreneurs' opinions on the subject.

Sir Tom said: “I think it’s really important when you’re growing as a business. HR and employment law advice is something that sometimes just gets swept under the carpet because the busy entrepreneur doesn’t quite have time or doesn’t quite know the ins and the outs.

“I think this service as an outsource to a small and growing business really is

a huge benefit. I would say this is a vital service. These days, if you get this stuff wrong, it can cost an entrepreneur thousands of pounds.”

Lord Haughey agreed, adding: “Small businesses probably can’t afford to

have their own HR and employment lawyer so this service, as an outsourced offering, is vital.

“I would encourage every small business, medium, or start-up, straight away, the minute that you employ anyone, to make sure you have that expertise fully covered.

“I think to buy it in when you need it, when you’re still a small business, is definitely the way to do it before you build up and grow larger... and you have to take new people on.

“I remember back in the day when I took on my very first HR person – now I think there’s a whole floor for them. It’s absolutely vital that SMEs have that expertise at hand.”

Listen to the full recording of the radio show here.

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