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Increase your profits and make your business more efficient with an outsourced HR team.

HR Management

Everything you need to manage your HR from one place. Free up time to focus on the things that really matter to your business.

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Employee Survey

Get a deep understanding of how engaged your employees are with your business. 
Drive productivity.

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Employee Protection

Our Employee Protection Scheme is industry leading and designed with our customers in mind. See how it can benefit you.

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From job descriptions to where to advertise, we'll help you cut costs and find the best employees for your business.
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HR Management System

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Our HRM system will automate all of those time-consuming HR admin tasks thus freeing up more time to help your business grow.

LBJ Consultants are an accredited gold partner of BreatheHR and will set up your system for you.  Our HR Management system supports our other HR and H&S services and is included in our Standard and Premium services, with an option to add to the basic package

  • Centralise Records
  • Self-book holidays
  • Planning and managing performance
  • Storing documents
  • Manage employee expenses claims
  • One click management reporting
  • Improve internal comms
  • Reward employees
  • Simple HR dashboard for everything

Outsource Your HR Department

In our capacity as industry-leading Employment Law & HR Consultants we understand that when you are managing a business, there are so many things to think about, that often HR and Employment Law is the last thing on your mind.  We will work with you to increase your profit and grow your business with our support you will be able to concentrate on doing what you do best manage your business.

We will help you deal with any conflicts between you the employer and your employees by resolving these issues quickly within the appropriate legislation. 

We will save you the costs of 

  • Salaries;

  • IT equipment;

  • Office space; 

  • Pension payments; and

  • Holiday and Sick Pay.  

We offer our expertise to SME’s who struggle on without the aid of any form of HR support despite the constant changes in Employment Law?  Getting the correct HR & Employment Law advice can provide invaluable support, when you need it most!  Implementing proper policies and people management will, in the long run, increase the productivity and profitability of your company.    

We will take the time to understand your business and what you want to achieve.  Our approach is a partnership arrangement, working as an extension of your company, we will be there to support you when you need us most.  

By using our HR services supported by our consultant’s skill sets, along with their extensive knowledge of all current employment law, we will contribute to your company’s cost savings.  

This will lead to an increase of the efficiency of your business and will help you achieve your business goals.

To support all advice offered we have professional indemnity cover of up to £5 million.  

Alongside this we offer a comprehensive business indemnity policy for our Premium, Standard and Basic Service clients. This policy covers all advice which, if followed, ensures that this will be valid: (all advice offered to you will always be commercial and seek to resolve your issue), additional charges apply for this service.

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We will review all your existing employment policies and contracts of employment free of any charge, please call us on 07375 097443 or e-mail us on enquiries@lbjconsultants.co.uk to arrange an appointment.  

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