February 12, 2021

Good training and developmentare essential to get the best outcome for organisations and the workforce. If training and development are not offered then staff are unlikely to perform at their best.

Training and developmentarrangements can help an organisation:

  • motivate staff
  • check that all staff are making valuable contributions towards organisational goals
  • develop staff
  • recognise and acknowledge the good work of employees
  • deliver tasks and projects quickly and to required standards
  • spot and improve poor performance.

How an employee carries out their work can be as important as the end result. Behaviours (sometimes called competencies or standards) focus on how an employee should approach the work and duties that their role requires, and this is supported by appropriate training and development in each role.

Why should you develop your staff?

Individuals will bring different skills and behaviours to a job when they are recruited, so regular development can help them master their new responsibilities.

Even once fully trained in their role, further development is important. Offering staff suitable development opportunities can help you to:

  • keep them motivated in their work
  • build loyalty towards your organisation
  • provide them with the skills to progress their career
  • fill identified skill gaps within your organisation
  • help the organisation stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Help retain the best employees.

Personal development plans

A personal development plan is where your employee’s development needs are set out. The plan need not be complicated but should include: 

  • the development needed
  • how the development will be achieved
  • when the development will be achieved
  • how the achievement will be measured.

It should be agreed between the manager and employee.

Performance conversations provide a good opportunity to talk about training needs, relevant interests and agree a personal development plan. Future conversations should then check on the employee’s progress.

The development plan could also be included as part of the employees record of performance. 

LBJ Consultants can offer to support your organisation with: –

Face to face and e-learning training courses

We offer a range of in face to face and e-learning course covering a full range of HR and Employment areas!

We off face to face training packages on the following topics: –

One course  package                                                                                                 

Attendance Management£350.000.5 day
Discipline£350.000.5 day
Employee Relations£350.000.5 day
Equality & Discrimination£350.000.5 day
Employee Status£350.000.5 day
Employment Tribunals£350.000.5 day
Grievance,£350.000.5 day
Investigation£350.000.5 day
Managing Conflict£350.000.5 day
Sexual Harassment£350.000.5 day

2 course packages

Attendance and Performance
£600.001 day
Equality & Discrimination and
Sexual Harassment
£600.001 day

3 course packages                                                                                     

Investigation, Discipline and
£800.001.5 days
Employee Relations, Employee Status
and Employment Tribunals
£800.001.5 days
Equality & Discrimination,
Managing Conflict
and Sexual Harassment
£800.001.5 days
Course PackagesCost*Time
4 courses£1050.002 days
5 courses£1250.002.5 days
6 courses£1450.003 days
7 courses£1650.003.5 days
8 courses£1850.004 days
9 courses£2050.004.5 days
10 courses£2250.005 days

Each course can be delivered via Zoom or Teams calls.

Our e-learning courses cover the following topics: –

HR Courses

Anti-Harassment and Bullying£60.001 hour
Conflict Resolution in the Workplace£60.001 hour
Developing Good Employee Relations£60.001 hour
Data Protection in the Workplace£60.001 hour
Developing Teamwork£60.001 hour
Disciplinary Procedures£60.001 hour
Effective Delegation£60.001 hour
Equality, Diversity and Discrimination£60.001 hour
Introducing GDPR£60.001 hour
Introduction to Emotional Intelligence£60.001 hour
Leadership Skills£60.001 hour
Managing Meetings£60.001 hour
Managing Sickness and Absence£60.001 hour
Negotiation£60.001 hour
Presentation Skills£60.001 hour
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace£60.001 hour
Stress Management£60.001 hour
The Principles of Performance Management£60.001 hour
Time Management£60.001 hour

Social Media Courses

LinkedIn for Business£75.001 hour
Search Engine Optimisation for Business£75.001 hour
Social Media for Business£75.001 hour
Facebook for Business£75.001 hour
Twitter for Business£75.001 hour

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