Employee Survey

Want to know what makes your employees tick? Help boost employee engagement with our surveys, data and action plans to help boost your business.

LBJ Consultants offer this service in conjunction with our partner. We Thrive who generate all employee surveys.  

The survey we will provide a deep understanding of human psychology and will highlight whether the employees are engaged (or not).   We will provide all employees with an electronic employee survey which will be organisation specific and will provide:

  • Sixteen top level questions with dynamic questions that dig deeper; 
  • It is deployed via email and takes 5 minutes to complete on mobile, tablet & desktop.
  • Add custom questions and branding; 
  • Free text answers provide qualitative insights; 
  • Deeper survey insights to identify key areas of focus;
  • Recommended actions to improve engagement;
  • Spot high or low trends; 
  • Share reports online with managers; and
  • Curated learning content to get to work fast. 
  • We partner with wethrive to provide employment surveys that help you improve productivity and staff retention.

    The results of the survey will inform us what areas that are problematic and where we need to focus on to improve engagement and retention at organisation, team and individual levels.  It will also provide survey, reporting, actions and learning content post-survey to boost engagement in one integrated platform 

    If you require more details and would like to discuss further please call us on 07375 097443 or e-mail us on enquiries@lbjconsultants.co.uk to arrange an appointment.  You can also book an appointment via our web page on www.lbjconsultants.co.uk 

    We’d love to talk about what matters to you.

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