We offer a range of on-site and online training courses for HR and employment. Give your business a head start with the best training. 

On-site Training

e-learning training

LBJ Consultants team have a team of qualified trainers.  We can visit your site to present Employment Law training sessions to your chosen staff. 

The costs for the training presentations will can be provided upon request, for one of our Consultants to deliver the presentation in person at your premises.  This can be done over a full or a half day.

We offer a full range of HR courses that can be tailored to meet your needs including~:

Discipline Hearing;


If you require more details and would like to discuss further please call us on 07375 097443 or e-mail us on to arrange an appointment.  You can also book an appointment via our web page on

Equality & Diversity;

Performance Management.

Absence Management;

Bullying & Harassment;

Sexual Harassment;

Conflict in the workplace;

We will be able to deliver specific training courses to meet your requirements on request.

e-learning courses

LBJ Consultants provide a full range of accredited digital training course.

You might think that one-on-one training would cost a fortune and be time-consuming to organise. Well, it isn't! Our tutor led interactive online training goes at precisely the pace required by each individual. 

These courses are fully certified and are an effective way of learning new skills or updating existing ones and are perfect for individuals or businesses looking to train their workforce at a fraction of the cost and fraction of the management time you would expect.

This training is efficient and flexible and has the added bonus of ensuring that there is minimal loss of productivity because it is done when it suits both the business and your employee.  

We offer an extensive range of accredited courses that are listed below and can be booked on our web page at

Type of Course  
HR CoursesCourse NameCourse Approver
1Abrasive Wheels CPD
2Achieving Food Hygiene Rating Level 5 CPD
2Anti Harassment and Bullying CPD
3Conflict Resolution in the Workplace CPD
4Customer Service CPD
5Data Protection in the Workplace CPD
6Developing Good Employee Relations CPD
7Developing Teamwork CPD
8Disciplinary Procedures CPD
9Effective Delegation CPD
10Equality, Diversity and Discrimination CPD
11Facebook for Business CPD
12Introducing GDPR CPD
13Introduction to Emotional Intelligence CPD
14Leadership Skills CPD
15LinkedIn for Business CPD
16Lockdown Procedure in Schools CPD
17Managing Meetings CPD
18Managing Sickness and Absence CPD
19Negotiation CPD
20Objective Setting CPD
21Positive Handling in Schools CPD
22Presentation Skills CPD
23Prevent Duty CPD
24Project Management CPD
25Safeguarding Adults CPD
26Safeguarding Children CPD
27Sales Skills CPD
28Search Engine Optimisation for Business CPD
29Sexual Harassment in the Workplace CPD
30Social Media for Business CPD
31Stress Management CPD
32The Principles of Performance Management CPD
33Time Management CPD
34Twitter for Business CPD
35Working Within the Private Security Industry CPD
HR -Health & Safety CoursesCourse NameCourse Approver
1Manual Handling CPD & IIRSM
2Allergen Awareness CPD & Rospa
3Fire Extinguisher CPD & Rospa
4Fire Marshal CPD & Rospa
5Fire Marshal for Care Homes CPD & Rospa
6Introduction to HACCP Level 2 CPD & Rospa
7Level 1 Food Safety – Catering CPD & Rospa
8Level 1 Food Safety – Manufacturing CPD & Rospa
9Level 1 Food Safety – RetailCPD & Rospa
10Level 2 Food Safety – Catering CPD & Rospa
11Level 2 Food Safety – Manufacturing CPD & Rospa
12Level 2 Food Safety – Retail CPD & Rospa
Health & Safety CoursesCourse NameCourse Approver
1Assessing Display Screen Equipment IIRSM
2Behavioural Safety IIRSM
3CDM Awareness IIRSM
4Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) IIRSM
5Display Screen Equipment Awareness IIRSM
6Electrical Safety IIRSM
7Emergency First Aid at Work – Online Annual Refresher IIRSM
8Introduction to Personal Safety for Lone Workers IIRSM
9Introduction to Risk Assessment IIRSM
10Noise Awareness IIRSM
11Paediatric First AidIIRSM
12Slips, Trips and Falls IIRSM
13Working in Confined Spaces IIRSM
14Workplace Health and Safety IIRSM
15Basic Legionella Management RoSPA
16Working at Height RoSPA
17Basic Fire Safety Awareness for Care Homes RoSPA & CPD
18Asbestos Awareness RoSPA & IATP
19Asbestos Awareness for Architects and Designers RoSPA & IATP
20Working Safely RoSPA & IIRSM
21Basic Fire Safety Awareness RoSPA, IFE & CPD

If you require more details and would like to discuss further please call us on 07375 097443 or e-mail us on to arrange an appointment.  You can also book an appointment via our web page on 

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