March 8, 2021

The wellbeing tool you need to get 2021 off to a flying start.

Start the new year with a clear understanding of your people’s needs. WeThrive’s wellbeing risk assessment gives you a deeper insight into the state of wellbeing across your organisation.

What you’ll get in your risk assessment:

Wellbeing risk heat map – each department or team will get a score from every area of our 4C model showing exactly who is thriving and who is surviving.

Top 2 wellbeing recommendations – we’ll break down the data for you and give you two clear actions you should take right away to improve organisational wellbeing.

Curated learning resources – get access to bite-size learning content to support you and your leaders in delivering priority actions.

Bonus features:

Top areas of engagement – see where your people strategy is working well so you can celebrate your successes.

Full results review – want to see what other areas need improving? Book a free-results review to deep-dive into your data.

Build your people strategy using data that comes directly from your employees. Watch productivity, motivation and engagement soar by improving wellbeing in your organisation.

Duty of care

Every organisation has a legal responsibility to protect the wellbeing of their people, as required by HSE. Easily identify where your employees are vulnerable and the practical steps you can take to resolve wellbeing issues.

Quick results & action recommendations

Get your results back in 7 days with a top priority recommendation and two actions to instantly boost wellbeing in your organisation.

Curated wellbeing resources

Access curated learning resources to discover more about the steps you can take to improve wellbeing.

Survey provide by We Thrive.

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