October 12, 2020

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I wonder if you have ever considered the benefits of outsourcing the HR functions in your company.  We can save you costs over your Salary: National Insurance payments: Pension Contributions: and Annual Leave and Sick pay costs.  

There are a number of immediate benefits that your company can gain

benefits of HR outsourcing

  • Cost Saving
  • Reduce Risks
  • Efficiency Savings
  • Flexibility

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Our Consultants are highly qualified and experienced in supporting and advising businesses in these areas. 

By outsourcing this work your business will be guaranteed cover over 52 weeks per year. In the example below a company could save the additional costs of National Insurance, Pensions payments and have cover for annual leave and sick leave for 52 weeks per year.


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I have listed some examples of cost savings below-

HR Manager/Consultant:



National Insurance @ 12%


Pensions @ 4%


Cost of Annual Leave




LBJ Annual charge[1]


Total savings per year


HR Administrator



National Insurance @12%


Pensions @ 4%


Cost of Annual Leave




LBJ Annual Charge


Total saving per year


[1] Charges exclude VAT

In this example the savings (based on our service contract) would be £12,300 (32%) of costs for the HR Manager/Consultant and £6,000 (21.5%) on the cost of a HR Administrator, this is a total of £19,700 (28%) of costs per year.

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