March 22, 2022

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If you’re reading this, then you’re looking for quality employment law advice for businesses. Good news—you’ve found it.

Do you have in house HR support?  Do these HR Officers have the time, experience and employment law knowledge to deal with the more difficult complex issues that usually end up at expensive employment tribunal cases. 

Whether you're facing a crisis or just need clarification on the best course of action, even the most knowledgeable HR people and employers will require expert employment law advice from time to time.

The truth is, while HR matters come with the territory when you run a business or manage an organisation, most HR advisors and employers are not experts in employment law, and having to manage issues quickly and compliantly can leave them feeling out of their depth.  These cases are always costly in time, stress, reputation and in most cases, financially. 

A disciplinary or dismissal can result in a tribunal claim. mediation and grievance meetings can be the beginning of toxic working relationships. Mismanaging staff pay means that you risk extremely costly fines. Why take the risk?

Our team of highly qualified dedicated advisers work closely with organisations of all shapes and sizes, helping to unpack even the most complex of employment challenges and find solutions that are preferable to you. Whether you or your HR team are in need of professional guidance through a particularly difficult or sensitive situation or would just like the reassurance of a second opinion, we can provide valuable direction and help you to avoid legal pitfalls that may leave you exposed to costly Employment Tribunal claims.  A good employment lawyer can easily cost £500 per hour. 

The average length of a tribunal case is 3 days, with the average award for the following claims being:

  • Unfair Dismissal                                           £10,812
  • Race Discrimination                                     £9,801
  • Sex Discrimination                                       £17,420
  • Disability Discrimination                              £27,043
  • Age Discrimination                                      £38,794
  • Sexual Orientation Discrimination             £27,936

As you can see from these figures defending an unfair dismissal case, that is lost, could cost your business:

  • Lawyer fees (5 days 35 hours @ £500) per hour)                        £17,500
  • Average award                                                                                  £10,812

Looking at these figures, it is easy to see why most tribunal claims are settled either by Acas COT3 agreements, settlement agreements or mediation at the tribunal stage. 

In all of these situations, your business will face:

  • Some kind of financial loss.
  • Some stress in dealing with the problem. 
  • You and your HR team will have spent valuable time that could have been spent on other issues. and
  • You could face some reputational damage to your business as all employment tribunal decisions are posted online.

It must be better to stop these cases before they become claims: this is done by dealing with the issues promptly and understanding the risks of not being compliant under current applicable employment law.  In short this is about manging risk.

Stay on top of current Employment Laws and Regulations.

Whether you have one or more workplaces it can be a real challenge to keep track of all the different employment laws and regulations. LBJ Consultants Second Opinion gives you access to all the most current regulations, interpreted in a way that’s easy to understand and free of legal jargon.

Our Second Opinion Service can also help you stay on top of the latest proven HR management techniques through training programs and if you ever need to speak to a live person, we have a team of highly qualified HR  & employment law professionals on hand to take your call.

We understand that your organisations will want to be mindful of costs when enlisting any form of external support. That’s why we operate on an unlimited, fixed-fee basis, without compromising on quality of service or depth of advice.  We offer our Second Opinion Service As

A monthly retainer charge with no additional costs for

  • Unlimited e-mail enquiries
  • Unlimited telephone enquiries
  • On-site support
  • A monthly retainer charge with additional costs for
  • e-mail enquiries telephone enquiries, and on-site support.

We will be happy to discuss our options with you, call us on 07375 097443 or contact us here to arrange an appointment.

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