June 9, 2020


We were asked to assist one of our clients to help them recruit a first line manager for their charity organisation.

They had been looking for a replacement manager for over 6 months and had tried to fill this post by local adverts in newspapers on online in their web page.


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They had received several applications and held interviews but did not find a suitable candidate.  The location of the job was a problem as the skill sets that they were looking for from candidates were not showing through form the number of applications that they received for the role.  They had considered lowering the standards set with a program to offer extensive training should they be able to recruit someone.  This was when they sought our support.


We advised against lowering the set standards required for the job.

We discussed the following with our client:

  • Widening the search area for suitable applicants;
  • Using social media, Facebook, Linked In and Indeed to advertise the vacancy;
  • Creating a new job specification;
  • Creating a new job description.
  • Looking at offering travel costs support for applicants;
  • Reviewing the salary on offer for the role.


We were able to attract 18 applicants for the role from suitably qualified candidates.

Five people were offered interviews for the position and one person was offered the role.

We kept tight control of the advertising costs for this exercise which worked out at £150.00 per interviewee.

Our client was very happy with the outcome, in fact they had a further vacancy for a manager after three months and they used the results from this interview process to go straight to offering one of the candidates that had been unsuccessful the vacant managers position, thus saving any costs to fill that role.


After completing this recruitment exercise, we learned that by 

simplifying the application process this could significantly increase the number of applicants, while decreasing the cost per applicant.

We also learned that Data is king – continually analysing results and data will allow us to improve and evolve the process and make the recruitment experience even better.

An accompanying online advertising campaign to drive the people you want to apply for the role is a must.

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