March 1, 2023

We will support and guide your company in the following-

  1. Legal Compliance.
  2. Policies & procedures.
  3. Culture by supporting both managers, and employees.
  4. Leadership practices.
  5. Supporting your business’s commercial success.
  6. Employee Surveys
  7. Recruitment of the best talent.
  8. HR Management System
  9. Planning and implementing training programs.

1. We will ensure that your company meets all legal requirements that will eliminate any potential legal claims being made at an Employment Tribunal. 

2. We will create bespoke Employment Policies & Procedures to fit your company’s requirements.

3. Culture is absolutely key to success. But what exactly is company culture?

Culture lies at the heart of all organisations. It can be shaped by the organisation but is ultimately driven by your people. Cultural thinking evolves from understanding the values, norms, and behaviours that employees and leaders embody, the systems and climate of work, the patterns, rules, and ways of working.

Therefore, you must ensure that the values, systems, norms, and strategies in your organisation are aligned and reflect what you are actually doing to succeed in the marketplace.

We will offer amuch more creative role and will ensure that the business culture and goals will be implemented.  With our support and experience we will help you implement change, innovation, possibility, and credibility by ensuring you’re your managers and employees understand the reasons for change.

4. How can you Empower your Leaders to Create High-Performance Teams

a) You must have a plan to shape your business’s future.

You must create confidence in the future strategy and direction of the business by establishing a compelling mission/vision that your employees support and buy into.

b) Do your managers make things happen?

They must deliver on promises, this creates a more positive work environment and creates a culture of trust.

Are your managers empathetic, emotionally connected, energised and use their own experience to relate to their team members.

Do your managers keep their team members engaged?

High-quality managers must be empowered and invested in the next generation by making sure others feel better about themselves.

It is crucial for good leaders to ensure they are taking care of themselves so that they can more effectively care for their team.  This can be done be having the right foundations in your company culture and leadership teams. This will lead to your business growing by ensuring that all your employees have the right individual competence, workforce, and skills to help grow your business.

The first step to developing talent is building agency and accountability for your employees. You want to bring the right people into your organisation and move them throughout the organisation, so they ultimately end up in a position to succeed.

However, your employees must be supported to be responsible for doing their best and managing their own employee experience.

This approach is crucial for development because it’s an individual’s responsibility as an adult to have regular and ongoing grown-up conversations about how they’re perceived and the contributions they’re making. To achieve this, it is imperative that employees feel safe and empowered to contribute, challenge, ask for feedback and learn from their mistakes.

The next step is ensuring that your people feel connected to the organisation’s values. Employees who feel engaged and have an emotional connection to work are more enthusiastic, create high-quality work, and are more efficient and productive.

This is where we can support your managers to play a role in ensuring that employees have a strong sense of connection and belonging to the organisation. For example, managers can share their personal feelings and experiences and celebrate individuals’ successes. We can help you introduce initiatives that your people actually value.  This is key to understanding if your people’s values connect to your organisation.

The final step is to encourage growth to become better people and employees. If your people are to succeed and feel that they are a part of the business then line managers must provide opportunities for learning, growth, and involvement in the business.

We can help you identifying where your people have knowledge gaps and where there are opportunities for growth will help managers provide the right type of support, build a picture of the future to boost their morale and revive a sense of purpose.

5. Why is this important to your business? Because if a company fails in the marketplace, there is no workplace.

Our HR support will embrace the way that human beings think, feel, behave and are motivated.

Put simply, if you have the right HR support, systems, practices, and people in place, HR can focus on a proactive positive role that will help your business grow and be more profitable.

We will help you-

  • Accelerate your business.
  • Advance human capability within your workforce..
  • Mobilise information and make decisions based on data.
  • Foster collaboration.
  • Simplify complexity.

We’re not doing HR simply to do HR. We’re doing it to advance, improve and support your business and create value.

6. We offer Employee Surveys to measure how your employees feel about working for you and do they understand what your business goals are.

Our engagement survey measures ‘knowledge’, ‘skills’, ‘resources’ and ‘competence’ to identify exactly where any gaps are – and what you can do to plug them.

Our employee engagement survey asks your people if they understand how their work ties into the company vision or how it benefits their customers. Our intelligent survey digs deeper to identify exactly where the deficit is and delivers bite-size action recommendations for your managers and employees to better understand the link between their roles and the bigger picture.

This ensures you can create the right conditions for engagement by improving trust, commitment, contribution, and challenge.

7. We can help your business recruit the best people by –

  • Attracting better quality candidates.
  • Organising your hiring workflow.
  • Streamlining applications and messaging processes.
  • Removing manual tasks with our hiring automation.
  • Making informed hiring decisions that are driven by data.

How we’re different.

·      Easy collaboration

·      Support

·      GDPR Tools

We offer hiring software packed with features that-

  • Attract.
  • Manage.
  • Automate.
  • Select.
  • Security, Reliability, and Support.

8. Our HR Management System will enable you too:

  • Manage Holidays online.
  • Manage Sickness online.
  • Keep up to date with company news.
  • Stay connected with company announcements and Goals.
  • Centralise all our Policies and Procedures.
  • Manage Performance reviews.
  • Log your Expenses.
  • Time Logs to record projects or overtime.
  • Set work patterns.
  • Set holiday allowances.
  • Produce reports.
  1. We offer both on site and e-learning training packages to support your business.

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